Our mission is to establish a personal connection to Mother Earth, tribal values, culture, ceremony, spirituality and language through the sacredness of the horse.  

Red Horse Nation (RHN) helps Native youth develop personal responsibility, integrity, trustworthiness, compassion, leadership skills, self esteem, Native identity, courage, empathy, forgiveness, physical strength, resilience, respectful boundaries, clear and honest communication.  Native youth will learn about the relationship their tribe had with the horse through tribal songs, dances, stories, ceremonies, art and with the guidance of Native horse trainers and Elders.

Red Horse Nation will follow traditional experiential healing work and evidence based clinical practices.

Red Horse Nation is a Native American Horse program of Lifesavers, Inc. a 501(c)(3)

By donating to Red Horse Nation you are supporting Grandmothers’ Horses, a sacred horse ride to honor the 11th gathering of the

The International Council of the Indigenous Grandmothers, July 2012