RHN honors the healing power of the relationship between horse and human.  RHN's NAHIP and NAHIGH program adds Native principles, culture and ceremony to evidence-based EAP activities.  Native people have always honored and respected the horse and treated them as powerful, sacred medicine.  Much has been written about the effects of multi-generational trauma being passed down through   generations of Native peoples.  RHN believes that horse wisdom and connection is also passed down through the generations.  We call this multi-generational greatness and wisdom. 

Native American Horse Inspired Psychotherapy (NAHIP) incorporates experiential horse activities for emotional growth and learning.  It is a collaborative effort between a therapist and a horse professional working with the clients and horses to address treatment goals. Because of its effectiveness, results often happen quickly with deep insight.  

Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then processing (or discussing) feelings, behaviors, and patterns. This approach has been compared to the ropes courses used by therapists, treatment facilities, and human development courses around the world. But EAP has the added advantage of utilizing horses, dynamic and powerful living beings.

The focus of NAHIP involves setting up ground activities involving the horses which will require the client or group to apply certain skills. Non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem-solving, leadership, work, taking responsibility, teamwork and relationships, confidence, and attitude are several examples of the tools utilized and developed by EAP.”

- EAGALA website 2008


Native American Horse Inspired Growth and Healing all the same equine ground activities as NAHIP but doe not process them as therapy.  Life skills and areas of growth in socialization, teamwork, and self care are encouraged and enhanced through NAHIGH.  Facilitators can be teachers, counselors, or any person who has knowledge of horses and safety around horses.  Red Horse Nation's NAHIGH program adds Native American principles, traditional cultural insights and specific tribal history to the NAHIGH activities.  Many schools and youth organizations utilize NAHIGH to inspire self-worth, improve cognitive skills and enhance cohesiveness in groups.

RHN provide Native American Horse Inspired Growth and Healing and Horse Inspired Psychotherapy for Tribal Nations and Native organizations.  RHN offers consulting services on how to create an effective horse program for youth and families. 

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Native American Equine Assisted Psychotherapy