Gentling Wild Mustangs takes place at Lifesavers Wild Mustang Ranch in Lancaster, California.

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

Rod Rondeaux Crow horse trainer and stunt man worked with youth to help youth build a relationship with the horse.

Photography taken by Rachael Waller


Youth in the Wild Horse Rescue Trip had the opportunity to choose the horse they wanted to gentle.  As often happens the horse and youth struggle with similar emotional issues such as fear and sadness and at the same time demonstrate strength, courage, and resilience.  In a large group, they had to work together to round up the wild horses into smaller corrals. From this experience they were able to learn  more about their horse and their story.  Each youth was put into a round pen with their horse and horse trainer.  The trainer guided the youth through the process and showed him how to build a trusting relationship.  It took time, patience, and courage.  It is an amazing experience to watch the healing take place as youth and horse felt safe enough to touch each other physically and emotionally.


This event took place on April 29th, 2009 and it was very successful and meaningful for the youth and staff of Red Horse Nation, 7 Generation and the staff of Lifesavers, Inc.

Jill Starr (Founder of Lifesavers Inc.)

This was, by far, one of the coolest things that has ever happened at Lifesavers. I'm so proud and I was full of happy tears. I was blessed to finally have witnessed a very authentic and meaningful native american drum circle! Wow. The horses were so turned on and curious. They couldn't keep away.

Chris Vilmer (Trainer at Lifesavers Inc.)

This experience touched me in so many ways. I felt so honored to be there. My heart was overflowing with gratitude. I still get teary thinking about. Thank you everyone!

Rachael Waller (Photographer)

We all were in tears....what a stunning heart is grateful...

 Suzi Landolphi (Co-Founder of Red Horse Nation)

Well, for once in my life I am speechless...and my family is grateful. A day of gentling for all...Thank you all so much for helping to gentle and heal the hearts of our young Native men
Jill for your wild and gentle spirit
Chris for your gentle grace
Angie for your gentle smile
Rod for your gentle grit... Read More
Rachael for your gentle eyes
Adriana for your gentle support
David for your gentle strength
Eric for your gentle principles
And my thanks to the young men and the horses they touched for they teach us about gentle courage

Juliet Harrison

How cool is this. I must have given you goosebumps when the horses came in.

Katie Blackmon

Ahhhhh. So cool. I love horses.

T Roberts IV